"It is our organizations – our businesses, our governments, our healthcare and educational systems -

that can make the greatest shift, and therefore have the greatest impact on creating a

viable future for us all..."  - Dawn Holly Johnson

What CEO's Need to Know: The Real Reason Startups Fail and Businesses Underperform

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"Being Wildly Successful takes Grit, Grace and Gravitas. And this book will challenge you to be courageous, lead with generosity, and earn trust by rethinking what you know, becoming curious to the core, and re-creating an enterprise that values people, processes, performance, purpose and profits… all critical and interdependent variables for success."          

 - Dr. Jackie Freiberg, International Bestselling Author of NUTS!, CAUSE!, BOCHY BALL, and more, Keynote Speaker, Coach & Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator @

“In this exceptionally well-written book, Dawn Holly Johnson, leveraging her vast experience in performance improvement and organizational design, makes the strong case every organization is underperforming compared to its potential. Total company alignment of focus and structure towards value creation will unlock tremendous potential in your business while also creating powerful cultural transformation. I have personally experienced the benefits of value focused organizational structure. This book is a must-read for every CEO and business leader.”

- Greg Miller

Managing Director,

Alliance of CEOs


Are you looking to simplify the management of your business? 

Grow Equity?

Scale efficiently and effectively?



You are not alone.



Most CEOs admit they struggle with managing business performance and engaging employees, or have simply accepted these issues as unavoidable. 

What if I told you most of what you have been taught about managing, operating, and growing a business is what is causing those problems?




Whether you have gone to the top business schools, been successful in the past, or have a seasoned board of directors…you have been taught to make your business overly complex! What you have been taught to focus on to structure (and likely restructure) your business, will NOT get you where you want to go – at least not quickly and without excessive effort. 


Common business problems are symptoms of following conventional wisdom. 


As your business grows, the potential for equity growth diminishes in a conventional business model.
These business practices create problems and complexity, making the business more difficult to manage, or achieve efficient, scalable growth.


Imagine if you could have scalable sustainable growth while also creating...

- Stronger employee engagement and alignment

- Increased customer acquisition & retention

- Improved profitability, adaptability, and productivity

- Simplified management of the business

- Faster equity growth

- Reliable and predictable cashflow


AND an innovative and collaborative culture.








Hi, my name is Dawn Holly Johnson. My mission over the last two decades is to design and reform organizations for higher performance and ultimate success. I’ve generated over $6B in value for dozens of businesses across all major industries. I am proud to have helped every business that has engaged with my services earn more than 10x their investment, and I want to do that for you!


Like so many leaders, you find yourself working in your business, instead of on it. I have mastered transforming businesses, so that your team runs more efficiently and effectively on its own. Think of my work as putting your business on cruise control at a much higher speed. My commitment is to provide you with more time to be the leader and visionary that founded your business.  


With my approach, you will learn what I have mastered. The new operational model we implement together will be timeless.

All the gains can easily be sustained.

You will never have to reorganize your business and you will be future-ready.


Stop wasting your time and money and take on being Wildly Successful!




“Status quo business practices are nothing but unquestioned evolution.” - Dawn Holly Johnson





The Future of Working Together 

~ Your Success is My Success!

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"If you want comforting reassurance that ‘all-is-well’, look elsewhere. If you need the ugly truth about your business, and advice about how to improve it, contact Dawn Holly."

Avery Earwood

Executive Director of Operations, Healthways


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“You've made a believer out of me! I am so impressed by how well this organizational model works! As we bring on new solutions, we design the process FIRST and test it before implementing. This has saved our company and our clients time and money and has enabled the scaling up of our organization. Now, we slow down to speed up and the value is unparalleled.”

- Michael Bonanno, 

Chairman and CEO

Virtual Support Solutions


Do you want status quo results?


Do you want to be Wildly Successful?

If you knew that you could choose a simpler way to create a high-performing organization - would you choose to adopt it?

Watch this video to find out why, until now, you never had a choice!

"Dawn Holly is a no-nonsense business improvement expert who approaches her work with an urgency and intensity suitable to the importance of the changes to the organization."

Grant Sutton 

VP Data Management

University of Phoenix


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